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In May 2015 the company developed new series of small diamond chain hoists
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      In May 2015 the company developed the new chain hoist HSZ-A type, a lot of features!
       HSZ-A series chain hoist is our latest advanced design, reliable quality, superior performance products. It has excellent performance HSZ series chain hoist, the outer structure of the triangle, more innovative product modeling, beautiful. Bead bracelet round casing in the use of a more operational safety, easy due to human factors caused the lifting chain hinge hoisting accidents. High mechanical efficiency, light weight, portable, hand-pull light and so on. Its main features are:
1, double pawl braking, braking safe and reliable;
2, bead bracelets wheel cover, never card chain bracelet run smoothly.
3, the use of safe, reliable, easy to maintain.
4, with the best transmission gear tooth, high mechanical efficiency.
5, multi-point support structure, drive force is more reasonable, flexible operation, low failure rate.